How do I use the free online typing test?

  1. CLICK the text box below the words
  2. START typing the words in the top box
  3. KEEP typing for one minute!
  4. SEE your WPM (words per minute)!

Typing Koala starts as soon as you start typing on your keyboard. If you correctly type a word then it will turn green. If you make a mistake, it will turn red. Keep going for one minute and you will see the number of letters you typed, your words per minute (WPM) and how many mistakes you made. Being able to type is an important part of school and work life. If you're a fast typist you will get more done faster and spend less time working on writing.

How does the typing test work?

This test measures something called "words per minute", commonly abbreviated WPM. This test randomly puts 500 of the most common English words into the text box on top so that each typing test is different. For one minute, you'll keep typing. As you type the words that you get right and wrong will be highlighted. At the end of the test, a calculation is done to show you your words per minute.

How fast should I be able to type?

Generally speaking if you want a job as a typist you will need to be able to type sixty (60) words per minute. Sixty words per minute is FAST, but some of the fastest typists in the world can type faster than 120 words per minute! A middle schooler should hope for about 20-30 words per minute and a high schooler should be at about 30-40 words per minute. Anything above that is great!

What kind of jobs require good typing skills?

All jobs! Coders, computer programmers, bloggers, editors, authors, scientists and anyone else whose job involves computers (or even typewriters)!

About the Typing Koala Typing Test

Typing Koala uses an industry standard method to measure words per minute.